Q & A’s

At this early stage we are expecting a lot of questions about how the pool will operate and who will be able to use it.

We have created a document that will hopefully answer most of the questions that people will want to ask at this stage. Download FAQ’s

Other questions

Q. When the 50m pool is up and running will the County be running events every other weekend to cover costs? If so how will clubs benefit?

A. No. The county are currently thinking they will run the following swimming events over and above County Championships.

  •  1 x National qualifying gala
  •  1 x Regional LC qualifying gala
  •  1 x Regional SC qualifying gala

The vast majority of weekends will be available for clubs to hire the facility and thereby continue to raise funds.

Facility hire will NOT be limited to Hertfordshire clubs as we will want the pool to host Regional and National events.

If you have any burning questions – apart from where is it please Email enquiries@hertsaquatics.org.uk